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** 24 July 2012: TAMC announces a new product: the Mexican Narco-Journal. Please contact us for details. ** 22 July 2012: TAMC has intercepted threats by Fatah Al-Islam against Hindus and Buddhists. * 22 July 2012: TAMC has identified a new audiotape threat against the West from Al-Qaeda in Iraq. ** 21 July 2012: TAMC is providing information on disruptive activities expected in Oakland, CA. * 20 July 2012: TAMC has received multiple communications from various sources indicating the increased potential of terror activity by the jihadist terror group, Al Shabaab. ** 18 July 2012: TAMC has intercepted renewed threats being discussed in jihadist forums regarding their intention to continue attacks against Western and Israeli targets. * 17 July 2012: ITRR and the Counter Agro Terrorism Research Center announce a strategic relationship in the effort to combat the threat of terrorism aimed at the world's agricultural and food supply chain. ** 17 July 2012: TAMC is providing guidance on renewed threats issued against European states by the commander of the jihadist Ansar al-Din group operating in northern Mali. ** 17 July 2012: TAMC has intercepted calls for demonstrations outside of Saudi embassies in North Africa and Europe demanding the release of prisoners. ** 15 July 2012: TAMC has identified jihadi threats of suicide bombings and various other attacks in Yemen from an all-female Al-Qaeda cell.
Sunday, 21 July 2013
Actionable Intelligence Briefings (AIB)


Actionable Intelligence Weekly Briefings are comprehensive overviews and analyses of upcoming events crafted for security directors and law enforcement managers to pre-plan their future operations.


Threat and Hazard Monitoring (THM)


A custom service meeting the needs of each client. THM identifies specific threats, hazards, vulnerabilities, and assets that our team of native language speakers, international analysts, and ground resources are to monitor and forward onto the client.

Corporate Security Solutions


ITRR, TAC, and TAM-C experts offer a set of substantive solutions designed to protect your business assets and personnel from a variety of threats at home and abroad.

Academic Intelligence Matrix (AIM)


Academic Intelligence Matrix is an innovative service providing students, professors, and administrators with intelligence briefings customized for your curriculum. AIM brings real intelligence into your classroom, instilling knowledge that can't be found in any textbook.

Research, Writing, and Analysis


ITRR, TAC, TAM-C have published across a wide range of media, and are available to provide your organization with highly specialized research as well as contribute professional articles to your publication.

Intelligence Workshops


This hands-on, executive level Workshop helps law enforcement and security officers understand and apply emerging intelligence requirements and cutting-edge operations to successfully conduct counter-terror and criminal intelligence activities.


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