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** 24 July 2012: TAMC announces a new product: the Mexican Narco-Journal. Please contact us for details. ** 22 July 2012: TAMC has intercepted threats by Fatah Al-Islam against Hindus and Buddhists. * 22 July 2012: TAMC has identified a new audiotape threat against the West from Al-Qaeda in Iraq. ** 21 July 2012: TAMC is providing information on disruptive activities expected in Oakland, CA. * 20 July 2012: TAMC has received multiple communications from various sources indicating the increased potential of terror activity by the jihadist terror group, Al Shabaab. ** 18 July 2012: TAMC has intercepted renewed threats being discussed in jihadist forums regarding their intention to continue attacks against Western and Israeli targets. * 17 July 2012: ITRR and the Counter Agro Terrorism Research Center announce a strategic relationship in the effort to combat the threat of terrorism aimed at the world's agricultural and food supply chain. ** 17 July 2012: TAMC is providing guidance on renewed threats issued against European states by the commander of the jihadist Ansar al-Din group operating in northern Mali. ** 17 July 2012: TAMC has intercepted calls for demonstrations outside of Saudi embassies in North Africa and Europe demanding the release of prisoners. ** 15 July 2012: TAMC has identified jihadi threats of suicide bombings and various other attacks in Yemen from an all-female Al-Qaeda cell.
Sunday, 08 December 2013

The Institute of Terrorism Research and Response

ITRR is the preeminent Israeli/American security firm providing training, intelligence and education to clients across the globe.

Israeli-style Training

All ITRR courses are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and can be held either in hands-on or seminar format.

Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center

TAM-C is the world-renowned intelligence division within ITRR supplying factual, actionable intelligence to subscribers.

Campus Outreach

Explore ITRR's array of accredited programs for students, scholars, and campus communities.

The Institute of Terrorism Research and Response Israeli-style Training Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center Campus Outreach

ITRR Highlights

ITRR Article: Tactical Medicine

'Military Medicine' January 2012 Click here to read 'Tactical Medicine - The Israeli Revised Protocol', published in the January 2012 edition of 'Military Medicine'.  Written by Cap (res.) Maor Waldman, IDF; Chief Superintendent ...


NEW: The TAMC Olympics Security Briefing

ITRR-TAMC is now offering an intelligence service and regular briefing specifically for the 2012 Summer Olympics and beyond. Click below for a sample of the briefing, or contact ITRR today ...


NEW: ITRR Actionable Intel Radio

On Wednesday, 2 May 2012, ITRR Co-Director, Mike Perelman, delivered the first show on the OPS Radio Program. Click here for a link to the show (fast-forward to 3:00 minutes for ...


ITRR in the News: TAMC Training

Tactical Medicine, Israeli-Style April 18, 2012 - Diane McManus, Jewish Exponent Feature The day begins calmly. Workers settle at their desks, turn on computers, busy themselves with the day's projects and exchange ...


Announcement: CATRC and ITRR

Announcement: CATRC and ITRR Counter AgroTerrorism Research Center (CATRC) have announced a strategic relationship in the effort to combat the threat of terrorism aimed at the world’s agricultural and food supply ...


ITRR On Demand

Contact ITRR to schedule a Capabilities Presentation via video/web conferencing with one of our directors. Discover how ITRR can work for you. All briefings are discreet and in a closed ...


The ITRR Brochure

View, download, and share the ITRR ...


NEW: ITRR Scholarship: Al Qaeda 5.0

Al Qaeda 5.0: The Threat to the U.S. After Bin Laden, in the most recent IACSP Counter-Terrorism ...


NEW: ITRR in the News: Commando List

On Monday, 26 September 2011, ITRR was featured in the Israeli media outlet, Arutz Sheva ("Channel Seven"), regarding new developments in the Turkish-Israeli flotilla controversy. Click HERE to read the ...


ITRR in the News: Al-Qaeda Attacks on Po

"Intercepted Messages Call for Al-Qaeda Attacks on Portugal" Click on link above for a 23 July 2011 article in a Portuguese newspaper. The "external intelligence service" referred to in the article ...


LVIA Terrorist, MCI Training Session - A

LVIA Terrorist, MCI Training Session - April, 9th 2011 {qtube ...


ITRR Holds 3-Day Training

ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- A number of emergency crews were in action Saturday in the Lehigh Valley, but it wasn't the real deal. A training exercise in how to deal with a ...


NEW: Press Release on Arab Uprisings

Click Here for the PDF Version   Press ReleaseRecent Events in the Arab World     In the wake of the social upheavals currently shaking Tunisia, Egypt, and other Arab countries; widespread criticism has ...



Al-Qaeda has released the Winter edition of its English-language magazine, 'Inspire'. This is the magazine's 4th and most recent edition. The Institute of Terrorism Research and Response will send copies upon ...


NEW: CIKR Intelligence Service

Click here to learn more about our new CIKR Intelligence ...


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Charles Loftus

"There are not really alot of places where a person can say, 'I've gone to learn how intelligence is gathered on the ground, how people set up perimeters or different ways of hardening targets for their own safety.' The ITRR instructors and experts described how they do this in an open-source or public manner and allowed us to see how they do this."

- Dr. Charles Loftus, Arizona State University


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