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ITRR has experience with various grant programs such as DHS, HRSA and CDC. We form mutually sustainable partnerships with academic institutions to obtain such grants, ensuring the continuance of important training and educational programs.

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International Internships educserv_1

The ITRR International Internship Experience can be conducted either from one's home institution or at our office in Jerusalem. Participants assist the world's leading terrorism and intelligence experts while earning valuable work-experience and academic credit.

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Research Projects educserv_1

ITRR advises a select number of highly-qualified students and researchers. Participants receive academic credit and rewarding mentorships from our staff of expert-advisors, as well as access to the vast wealth of resources at ITRR's disposal.

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Delegations to Israel educserv_1

Embark on an accredited, short or long-term education-abroad course at the world-renowned ITRR facilities in Israel. This hands-on program is perfect for faculty-led class-trips over Winter, Spring, and/or Summer break.

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Campus Seminars educserv_1

Bring ITRR to your campus for an authentic anti-terror learning event. Select from our roster of Subject Matter Experts whose experience and expertise covers a wide range of fields related to security and strategic studies.

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Academic Intelligence Matrix (AIM) educserv_1

Academic Intelligence Matrix is an innovative service providing students, professors, and administrators with intelligence briefings customized for the curriculum. AIM brings real intelligence into your classroom, instilling knowledge that can't be found in any textbook.

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