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*** TAMC analysts are monitoring continuous jihadist targeting of maritime assets. *** TAMC has intercepted recent jihadist threats aimed at targets in the Sinai Peninsula. *** TAMC has identified jihadist communications targeting Iraq's electrical grid. *** TAMC has identified communications suggesting an increase of violence in Uganda, Burundi, and Ethiopia. *** TAMC notes that jihadists seek to conduct terror actions against Denmark in retaliation for the perceived desecration of Muhammad. *** TAMC has intercepted jihadist communications indicating specific targeting of critical infrastructure in Spain and France. ** TAMC Arabic-language analysts have intercepted communications suggesting an increased violence in Yemen. *** TAMC has identified internal jihadist communications indicating the intent and justification to conduct terror operations against Western assets. *** TAMC has noted recent indicators pointing to increased violence in Somalia. *** TAMC has intercepted internal terrorist communications targeting Christian churches and "religious centers."
Sunday, 19 September 2010
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1   Link   From the IAEM Student Chapter President
Feedback from the Philadelphia University student-delegates who participated in ITRR's 8-Day 'Mass Casualty & Terrorism Workshop' in Israel.

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