Working with organizations that refuse to surrender their domestic or international operations to terrorism.

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Co-Director Institute of Terrorism Research and Response

Aaron Richman, MBA, Israeli military and law enforcement expert whose last assignment was police patrol commander in center city Jerusalem . Mr. Richman regularly lectures for the Department of Homeland Security on issues of international terror.

Co-Director Institute of Terrorism Research and Response

Michael Perelman, CPP, retired police commander whose consulting practice specializes in providing services to organizations at high risk of domestic terrorism.

Director of Research and Analysis

Nissan Ratzlav-Katz, an internationally published columnist and senior editor in Israel, has been a key researcher and analyst for security consulting firms in the United States, as well as for business development projects in the hi-tech and biotech sectors. Mr. Ratzlav-Katz is also on the Advisory Board of the FreemanCenter for Strategic Studies of Houston, Texas.

Director of International Training

Ety Keinan-Richman, began her career in the Israel Defense Forces Military Intelligence Unit where she coordinated the arrival of foreign delegations to Israel.Since leaving the military, Etystarted the business Event Planning International, a consulting and event management agency. In 2005 Ety began coordinatingITRR's internationaltraining delegations to Israel and the United States.

Director of Tactical Operations and Training

Dov Zwerling, a former Israeli Infantry soldier and JerusalemPolice Rapid Response S.W.A.T. Team member, hasvast experience in counter-terror operations. Zwerling liaised for the International Relations Unit of the Israel Police Headquarters and has lectured in the field of homeland security to security personnel and first responders from around the world. Mr. Zwerling's last position was supervisor of armed securityof 36 banks in the Jerusalem area.


Colonel Raanan Tal, (Ret.) retired after serving 25 years in the Jerusalem Police Department. During his career he held various positions that included intelligence and plainclothes units and the head of the Rapid Response Unit. As Precinct Commander,Colonel Talcontained some of the fiercest rioting in the Old City of Jerusalem. Today, Tal is a security consultantspecialising in transportation venues.

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